Please Authenticate this Gucci Tote

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Nov 27, 2009
West Bloomfield, MI
Hello everyone! I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend so far :yahoo:!

I just won a Gucci bag on ebay and the seller said that she bought it from a Gucci store at the Sogo mall in Hong Kong. I have to pay $306.00. Unfortunately, after I won the auction, I strated doubting the authenticity of the bag. i asked my roommate who is from Hong Kong if they sell fake bags in that department store, she said "Heck yeah! be careful!" Please authenticate this bag for me. I'd rather have them suspend my ebay account rather than spending months dealing with the refund process. I KNOW I should have paid more attention before bidding BUT what can I do? I was trying to avoid reading 300 pages for my Tuesday's class :cry::cry: but I got myself into trouble on ebay. These are the pics that the seller posted. Thanks guys for your time to help me out!


Not open for further replies.