Please Authenticate this Fendi!

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  1. Calling all Fashionistas!
    I am trying to figure out if this bag is real or fake. Please follow the link to check out the Web site's product.


    Fendi Chef Bag 8BR436 - Black [​IMG] [​IMG]Retail Price : [​IMG]$695.00[​IMG]Price :$299.00Availability :Usually ships the same business day. Related Products Product Description
    • Brand New and Authentic Fendi 8BR436 Handbag in black
    • Retail value of $695
    • Fendi’s signature Zucchino Material – Fendi monogram style
    • Main compartment with overlap magnetic closure
    • Internal pocket with Fendi logo metal plate
    • Silver metals with “Fendi” embossed on all pieces.
    • 100% Authentic or your money back.
    • Fendi Dustbag and Authenticity Card Included
    • Approximate Size: 10" H x 15" W x 3" D – Strap: 17”
  2. I'm new on here, so thanks very much for the info! :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.