please authenticate this bag!!

  1. I need your help ladies (and gents as well) I have just purchased this bag. It was released many years ago, not old enough by far to be vintage, but still not "hot on the scene". I was in love with it then and was so excited to see it again, that I just bought it in utter bag sighting dimentia. Any one have any ideas if I just got beat???

    Anyone know anything else about this particular style?
    bag1.jpg bag2.jpg bag4.jpg bag5.jpg
  2. Do you mean to tell no one knows anything about this bag????
  3. The font looks real. I've never seen that bag or pattern--very unusual. I'm guessing authentic but have no idea what the style name is. It has the mirror too--I doubt the fakers would bother to make a mirror to match, so it's probably good!
  4. That's what I thought so too.
  5. it's authentic! check in the zippered pocket and sewn into the seam should be a small rectangular authenticity tag. also, all hardware should be branded.