please authenticate my Kate Spade wallet

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  1. Hi and welcome to tpf! :flowers: Can you please post a picture of any of the kate spade new york logos you have on your wallet? I know on mine (different style), I have a label and then it's also stamped on the inside in gold.
  2. My Kate Spade wallet has the same little black numbered tag in the bill compartment as my KS bags have in the zipped pocket. Black with white numbers woven in and a hologram thread that reads kate spade so small you can just barely read it.

    I can see one stamp, that looks okay to me. Good luck!
  3. hello,
    thanks for replying! The wallet only has one kate spade new york lable inside stamped in gold, no labels on the outside. I did check for that number tag in the money compartment and it has that along with the small strip that says Kate Spade! Thanks for pointing that out to me! I guess I was more concerned with the zipper (in photo 1 I beleive) because it doesnt look like a normal kate spade zipper, but maybe this is just a much older wallet? Thanks again for your help!
  4. I've never seen the zipper pull like that, but that really doesn't mean anything. She changes that pretty frequently. Can I get a close up of the stamp? That's usually what gives away her fakes.
  5. Something about the Noel Print on the zipper and the front of the wallet look off to me. I'm staring at my wallet that I bought from the outlet as I write this and hope I make sense. The noel print has two sides of it, the part that sorta looks like a K (two straight lines meeting to make a right angle and then a curve joining them) and the part that looks kind of like an S (dots). All of the pieces that make up the "K" (top half and bottom half) should be identical, just facing different directions. It's hard to tell on yours because of the pattern on the white fabric. You'll want to look at that closely there and on the zipper pull to make sure that's true. If it is, everything else looks right to me. If they aren't identical, it is likely a fake. I hope this makes sense. Please feel free to PM me if it doesn't and I can send you some pictures pointing out what I'm trying to say. Good luck! :tup: