Please authenticate:Mulberry Bayswater

  1. Hi!

    I am a new reader from SWEDEN and a great fan of Mulberry.
    I will make another try: could someone please have a look of the pictures of my Mulberry Bayswater and tell whether you think it is authentic or not?
    Thank you.
    _M7C0007.jpg _M7C0013.jpg _M7C0015.jpg
  2. The adjustment straps inside the they have Mulberry marked on the metal? Where is the bag made in? I got a special edition one, but Made in Turkey. Ended up returning it...
  3. Helloe Lea-m!

    The brand's signature thick, rich and grainy texture of the leather looks right to me..Have you already gotten the bag or you are still in the process of deciding whether to get this particular one?

    Good luck with it all!
  4. I replied to your question on another thread and asked if you bought it on eBay and if so, do you have the auction ID. The photos you posted are not sufficient to make an accurate authentication.

    Btw, bagfever, if you look closely you can just about see the stamping on the internal buckles.
  5. Hi!

    Thank you so much for your help. Yes, the metal looks kind of like brass and it says MULBERRY on both of them.
    The bag is MADE IN ENGLAND and on the other side of the black patch there is an u or an n.
  6. Hi!
    Thank you: I did not see your other reply (I am sorry).
    Yes, it was bought on eBay, here is the link:

    I have emailed the seller (who seems very kind and helpful) twice and he has replied: "I can verify that the bag is genuine and it was bought from the Mulberry factory shop in Shepton Mallet Somerset as I live close to the main production site in Chilcomtom we often get to go to the factory sells."
  7. Hi!
    Thank you to you: I have gotten the bag and I also have the Mulberry Bayswater in Black Congo (which is 100 per cent genuine). It was when I started to compare them that I noticed that the zipping was different.
  8. From the seller's location, he does live close to their head office and mail order centre, and not far from their factory shop. The other Mulberry items sold have all been genuine and although the photos on the listing are limited, I do think it is genuine. As I said previously, the zips on Mulberry items can go the other way, so we cannot lean too heavily on that to make a judgement. The best way is by looking at the grain of the leather particularly with a darwin bag.