Please authenticate -- Mulberry Bayswater

  1. I think they look ok. Good feedback and most importantly you've got protected paypal.
  2. Thanks! Anyone has another opinion?
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  4. Give this another try...

    Please help... :smile:
  5. First one smells like a fake to me. Has several other Mulberrys listed but doesn't know the model names and doesn't have enough photos. Second one looks totally legit. Other Mulberrys listed look totally authentic and are listed with complete information including model name and lots of photos.
  6. Pishomisho is incorrect, flyvetjo is correct, the first one is genuine, in fact they are both genuine. Rose was launched in (if I recall correctly) the spring/summer of '05 collection however it is still possible to buy them new (in the UK).
  7. I wasn't concerned about the color. Just the lack of detail in the first listing. I always get concerned when the seller doesn't know the model names and several of that brand listed. Last year, I actually saw a few fake Mulberry bags and they were surprisingly authentic-looking. Without very close inspection, it would have been easy to mistake them for the real thing.
  8. Thanks everyone!