Please Authenticate: Louis Vuitton Olympe in Noir

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Jessica Perez

Jun 23, 2016
Item Name: Louis Vuitton Olympe
Item Number: M41062
Seller ID: Soloage
Link to photos:

I recently purchased this LV Olympe from a seller that goes by Soloage via Tradesy, but am weary since it was shipped from their HK location (they supposedly have one in the US as well, according to their Tradesy description). The seller seems to have good ratings on eBay, however. I'm fairly new to shopping for high-end bags and own only a couple LV bags, so I would not yet know how to spot a good fake. I would have purchased it new from LV, but it is no longer available when I called to check. Link provided to photos as I was also looking into authentication services.

Thoughts/feedback on Soloage and the authenticity of this Olympe? Thank you!
Not open for further replies.