Please authenticate for me, someone!!!

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Mar 10, 2006
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Well, I am not an "expert" but I do own several chanels. Looks auth to me. The first think i look for is the tag, which is there. then seller feedback, other items for sale and any history of the seller selling chanel items with pos feedback. So far, i have yet to get a fake on ebay follwing those guidelines. I would like to see the Auth card and hologram tag in the item which was not photographed. The cards can be faked but the hologram is tougher to do so. For that BIN price, personally I would buy retail. It takes about 20% off retail for me to be enticed to buy off ebay.. why risk is for $125? Plus you can return if you donl;t like the leather, fit, etc... Good luck!​


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Jan 2, 2007
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Look authentic to me too. Anyway, ask seller for the hologram sticker with matching authenticity card number. :yes:

PS: other items from this seller are authentic too. I think.
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