Please authenticate - Botkier Bombay Tall Hobo

  1. Hi,

    I am new to this forum but after reading so much, I discovered so many brands I would never look at before. I just bought my first Kooba and I love it. I was wondering if anybody could help me authenticate this Botkier.

    Any comments are appreciated. :yes:
    Photo_01.jpg Photo_02.jpg Photo_03.jpg
  2. I'd need more/bigger pictures.. especially of the interior.
  3. These are the only other photos the seller sent me. Does the lining need to have the botkier signature on it? I saw another auction - the same bag, different color and it has the botkier signature lining. I can't tell from the photos - I will ask the seller.

    Thank you.
    Photo_04.jpg Photo_05.jpg Photo_06.jpg
  4. I have the Botkier Bombay Satchel (in this same line) in Rust. I have the black inner lining but it has the Botkier imprints all over it. I bought it at Karizma. My bag also has an almost roughened kind of leather. I was told my a leather person it was called "pulled up" leather. The pics of the blue bag look much smoother.

    Hmmmm....I just noticed I also have double rows of studs!


    Here's what the real bag looks like...