Please Authentic this Louis VuittonTrevi PM

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Nov 4, 2010
I bought this LV Trevi Pm from ebay

The problem I have now seller insist the bag is genuine but I took to 2 Louis Vuitton stores in London, In the City Royal Exchange and Sloanne Street and both of them confirm with me the bag is a counterfiet item. LV cannot give any written note about that but they told me few things which makes sense such as

* LV didn't wrap any of their item in plastic even it's new
* LV trevi PM has a D ring inside
* The colour must be lighter brown
* The code inside is not exist
* The extra strap shoulder has Louis Vuitton Made In France embossed

All this confirms the bag is not genuine but I have a problem now because the seller insists the bag is genuine and she already vertified this at Bond Street LV Boutique.

I already contacted E-Bay regarding this matter but they advice me to wait for 10days for me to filed the claims but sellers so annoying,she keep calling me and shouting like a mad person

What should I do,I don't want to lose £300 for that and seller will get away selling more counterfeit item in E-Bay.

Please help,this is the biggest mistake I make because some of the seller in E-Bay is genuine too so I never thought about that ecause seller has listed lots of expensive item and I though seller is honest.

Please help because I am getting so stress out with this.Thanks again and hope someone can help me :smile:
Not open for further replies.