Please, anyone knows...?

  1. I just read a thread about paypal & charge back just now. I have a paypal account, but I don't have that many experience with it..

    Sorry if I am asking too basic/stupid question...when seller gets charge back, what does that mean by paypal withdraws money from the seller's account? They can't just withdraw money from your bank account(they are not (no one is!!!)authorized to just withdraw money from someone's bank account nor charge on credit card without owners permission), right?

    What does that mean by they just withdraw money from account? I am so confused....I don't have that much experience with paypal, but it does not make sense to me...if charge back happens, paypal can just take money out of sellers bank account all of sudden? So, they can just take money out from seller's bank account without permission like that?

    Please someone explain to me...?:shrugs: Thanks!
  2. They don't withdraw money from your bank account when you get a chargeback, but rather your Paypal balance will go into negative for the amount that you owe. They'll keep hassling you till you bring it back to 0. The next time you go to pay for something with that same Paypal account, they'll take the amount you owe plus the new charges from your CC (or bank account). Hope that makes sense?
  3. Thank you for your explanation! You are very helpful~!