Please any sightings of Chloe Edith bags at NM stores?

  1. They are dirty cheap online but OOS. Anyone seen them anywhere, please?
  2. I love the bag! I want it!!!!
  3. angeldbn - I PM-ed you!
  4. Hi, i saw an Edith med. Satchel on the Bergdorfgoodman website a few hours ago and it was under 500.00. It was a brown or whiskey.
    Good Luck!
  5. I saw the classic Edith bag in a whisky/brown color (dont know the exact name of the color sorry) in the NM store in White Plains NY on Friday. It was in a sale display under the counter - in glass. Thought it was weird that it wasn't on the table. But should give them a call if you can't find one online. Best of luck to you! :wlae:
  6. oh, ladies, thank you very much for the links! I missed everything, again :sad:
  7. i'm curious how people find these links on nm/bergdorf's in general? i look in the sales and value section and none of these bags show up. please let me know, thanks!
  8. I have these links in my Favorites. Also if you go to and search for 'edith chloe' (remove '') you will see 'dead' links.