Please any info on Dubai Airport - What kind of shops

  1. Hi Everyone!
    I am going to be on transit next week in Dubai International Airport for a couple of hours in the wee hours (around 4 am) of the morning on the way to the UK and I just wondered what kind of shops I could expect and what kind of damage my cc might expect and if it was worth it esp. regarding handbags! Thanks so much, any info would appreciated! Ooooh also I will be with my 16 month old, is there anything to do there if she gets antsy? Thanks again!:smile:
  2. Sounds like a great place for shopping. However, the time you are there may be a problem. It does say that some shops stay open 24 hrs. a day though. Here's one link that might give you a general idea:

    Then google Dubai Airport and look into the Duty Free section of the airport for more (but general) info.

    NO clue as to what to do with an antsy 16 mo. old at 4 a.m. in an airport. I never knew either and think I just winged it - whatever the hour. :smile: Good luck!!
  3. i love dubai airport... they have a small hermes shop which has jewelry (bracelets, etc) scarfs, ties, lots of stuff... they have a huge shop with electronics, dvds, toys, etc.. they also got a big selection of makeup/perfumes.. i haven't really looked at bags there but i've seen a place where they have them, i think maybe givency and there kinds? not sure! overall, i'm sure you will find something to spend your money on! lol
  4. Thanks, and I will check out the link - as for my baby I am hoping she'll be asleep but in the event she isn't I am bringing a few of her faves that will hopefully entertain her! Of course I am hoping some shops will entertain me!
  5. Oh thanks for the info, sounds like I'll have at least some eye candy & temptations (wouldn't mind a hermes scarf at all), I haven't been to the airport in years so I'm excited! Thanks again!:smile:
  6. hahah I was there... nearly 17 years ago but it was BEAUTIFUL (to my recollection) and alot of hte places are open 24/7...
    Dubai is shopping heaven...