Please answer the question above you...continued

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  1. 1 younger brother
    Same question
  2. 6

    Same Q ^^
  3. 5

    Are you close to your siblings?
  4. I am to 3 out of 6 of them.
    Do you see your siblings yearly?
  5. Only some

    Same Q ^^
  6. Yes more than yearly.
    How often do you see your parents and in laws?
  7. Never anymore-they've all passed away.
    Are you a gregarious person?
  8. sometimes

    do you put up any Halloween decorations?
  9. Nope

    Same Q ^^
  10. No
    Do you have kids come for candy on Halloween?
  11. Yes..
    Same question?
  12. About 80-90 show up.
    Do you like Halloween candy to eat?
  13. No
    Are you walking your dog today?
  14. No dog. But walking yes.

    Do you walk your dog everyday?
  15. I don't have a dog...
    Do you clean up after your dog if you do have one?