Please answer the question above you...continued

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  1. Maybe?

    What is your favorite holiday movie?
  2. Halloween: Nightmare Before Christmas & Hocus Pocus; Christmas: Elf & White Christmas; Easter: The Passion; July 4: Battleship & Independence Day

    ^same question
  3. Elf, The Night Before Christmas, Home Alone
    What food is your fave?
  4. Seafood

    Same Q ^^
  5. I adore potatoes, fixed any style.

    Same q
  6. Mexican of any kind!
    Same question-keep the food fest going...
  7. Tacos, nachos, loaded baked potato, scallop potatoes.

    Same Q ^^
  8. Chips-n-salsa, nachos, enchiladas, chicken tacos, burritos etc.
    Your favorite alcoholic beverage/
  9. Red wine

    Same Q^^
  10. Maybe a margarita

    Did you get enough sleep last night?
  11. I did not...three school buses and two garbage trucks in our cul-de-sac this morning
    Same question
  12. Yes

    Same Q ^^
  13. Yes

    How many hours of sleep do you need to feel refreshed?
  14. 7-9

    Have you ever been through a divorce?
  15. I trust this antivirus rating. I used the free version of Avast. But I like TotalAV more now.