Please answer my Chanel questions, thanks.

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new here and I've been collecting LVs for about 3 years now. I'm really interested in buying Chanel, but I have a couple of questions before I head over to the store.

    1. Are they handmade?
    2. Does Chanel ever go on sale?
    3. Which one is better the Caviar or Cambdon?

    Thanks I would really appreciate your feedback!
  2. 1. yes
    2. some styles do
    3. depends on your needs

    caviar is a pebbled texture and is Chanel's most durable, Cambon isn't a leather, it's a Ligne; there's a Cambon Tote, Pochette, shoes. . . but it's made of calfskin.
    Lambskin is Chanel's most delicate.
    There's also a few others, aged calfskin, calfskin, deerskin, etc. . .
  3. wow you must be excited! I suggest going to the reference section to check out the fabulous goodies=) good luck!
  4. 1. yes.
    2. yes. (they're on sale this coming june!)
    3. for me, i would say, caviar.
  5. Hi, welcome. Seems like what I've been told and what other members have posted are inconsistent but I will go ahead and give you my input.

    1. Chanel bags maybe limited handmade....But the stitching to create the quilted patterns are computer generated which explains why they are often "uneven" not symmetrical. If you want nearly fully handmade Bottega or Hermes are the ones at the top of the list I believe.

    2. Yes but only seasonal styles and colors. Not classic styles/color

    3. They are both gorgeous. Get both.
  6. ^actually, Chanel bags are considered completely handmade. A machine doesn't assemble the bags.
    Tods is also considered handmade.
  7. Since others answered #1...
    2. Yes and the sale is happening NOW.
    3. I prefer caviar because it is classic Chanel but it is a preference thing
  8. People have already answered 1 & 2 so I'll give my opinion on 3. I assume you mean cambon right? I prefer caviar soooo much more than cambon! By FAR!