Please allow me to introduce myself... and the zoo too!

  1. I have never posted in this part of tPF before as my life is animals day to night. I enjoy escaping from them by logging into tPF and thinking about self endulgence for a while.

    DH and I are owned by a Schnoodle (Petey), long haired tweenie dachshund (Milo) and a mini-doxie (Hali). We have 2 cats (one is handi-capped [Orchid], and the other saved from being shot-to-death [Carmello]), a quaker parrot (Queequeg) and an aquarium.

    I own and operate my own pet grooming and supply boutique, as well act as a volunteer OSPCA Agent (stops animal cruelty). In addition I operate a rescue that takes animals my town normally drives out to the dump and shoots to death, and attempts to rehome them, and at the very least offer them a peaceful euthanasia.

    Presently we have a foster kitten that is one of 3 that were brought in while only a few hours old - cords still attached. Two passed as they simply were not strong enough, and Wilbur survives. He is just over a month old and full of "spit" and vinegar (as any healthy kitty should be).

    This is my life - and I hope to contribute to this section of tPF from time-to-time, when not overwhelmed with my all-pet-consumed life. ;)
  2. I would love to see pics of all your furkids.
  3. I'll post a link to my webshots so you all can see them :smile:
  4. I used to have a quaker parrot... noisey little things! Isn't Queequeg the name of the Indian character in Moby Dick? You have quite the collection of animals. It is nice they you help rescue them, too.
  5. Yes - Queequeg is named after the cannibal in Moby Dick (and the pom on X-Files was a bonus!). It is very appropriate as one of his fave things is chicken!!

    Here is the link to one of my albums on Webshots: The Crew
  6. You are an angel helping all these helpless innocent animals. God bless you and those precious furbabies! :heart:
  7. It sure is nice to hear about people who go out of their way to help animals, especially after hearing so much about people who go out of their way to hurt them!! Good for you for putting forth so much effort to assist our four legged friends!! I too have a house full of animals ( all rescues) and I dont know what I'd do with out evey single one of them!
  8. God bless you. we have a gerenuk right now that is a PITA! for taking her bottle
  9. WHAT TH... Just what kind of barbarians can DO that sort of thing?!?!?!? And what kind of people would ALLOW this??? OMG...I am so sickened by this. Bless your are truly an angel. I hope those bastards burn in hell for eternity.
    So much evil in this world...:crybaby:
  10. I do not excuse my municipality for their actions - but I try to understand that they can't afford more costly kill methods, that happen to be more humane. Thankfully DH and I are here to stop it from happening, and saving some fabulous pets from a horrible end. One woman drove 12 hrs to adopt a cat that was saved from that fate!!! He was totally worth it too!

  11. I couldn't have said it any better myself;)

    Welcome and God Bless!
  12. Wow, kudos on all your animal rescue efforts! There's a special place in heaven for people like you! :tup: