Please advise

  1. Although I'm not a big fan of the Stam bags; I really like the little stams.

    I've noticed while reading the posts on this forum that most of you regret buying MJ bags for full price and then seeing them in the sales a couple of months later. I can truely understand.

    I :love: the little stam in topaz
    and in this particular python:

    When I was in Paris, I noticed that LaFayette and Printemps carry it as well, so it is not a MJ Boutique exclusive. Do you think that there is any chance that these particulair style/ colours hit the sales? Or are these very popular colours and should I get it before they sell out?

    Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. I think all the stams WILL go on sale..Id wait!
  3. Personally, based on past seasons. The baby or regular stam isn't going to go on sale this season. You can wait and see because it's not like python is flying off the shelves. Topaz is a little more least I haven't seen any floating around. However I've seen a lot of Topaz on eBay, so you could wait until it hits eBay and get a couple hundred off.
  4. Thank you elongreach! I have seen only one little topaz on Ebay but that is maybe because I did not start looking for it before!;)
  5. I love the topaz baby stam!

    I agree with E that they probably won't go on sale this season, but perhaps eventually they will. It all depends on supply and demand...

    If you get the baby, let us know! I have seen one IRL, only black! I would love to see modeling pics for reference!
  6. Believe or not, I am told that QUILTED FABRIC WITH PYTHON Stam & Little Stam are doing well at MJ boutiques. The best selling color is Ivory.

    As for QUILTED Stam and Little Stam, Topaz is doing okay only at boutiques; it doesn't sell as well as basic colors like Black, White Chiffon, and Almond.

    I'm not sure how these combinations are doing at department stores. I believe that certain items sell better at boutiques, that's why department stores tend to get more conservative styles and colors.
  7. I have seen the topaz little stam IRL, and it is divine, that's how I felt in :heart: with it! Will post pictures off corse but don't think I would get it within the next 2 months since I bought the Selma in Passion Fruit about 2 weeks ago and a small Chanel bag as well:shame:

    Thank you all for your answers