Please advise ...

  1. I really like the lockit horizontal, but it is REAL big!!! Please advise a similiar bag with a smaller size that I can carry on shoulder, thanks everyone! :yes:
  2. how about the neverfull?
  3. How about the lockit PM in white, black or brown? Same model, but just not in monogram
  4. oh yes i totally forgot about neverfull!!!!
    I'm only 5"0 is neverfull pm or mm better on me?? suggestions? :smile:
  5. What about the BH or BV?
  6. I'm also looking at the piano, so many choices, so hard to decide!
  7. I think maybe the Neverfull PM would be good for you. A lot of the ladies here have been able to use it as a shoulder bag :yes:
  8. i would go with BH or neverfull.
  9. I just went to LV and saw the Neverfulls. I liked the GM, but it is really, really big! Although the PM looks small in the pics, it is actually a good size for the basics. But if you carry your house around :smile:, I would suggest the MM. I'm also going to purchase one soon and the Neverfulls or the Batignolles were my choices and I'm getting the BH. Hope this helps :smile:
  10. Agree with BH or Neverfull, I have the MM.
  11. thanks for all the suggestions ~
    I tried to do a search to see how a neverfull pm would look like to be carried on shoulder, unfortunately not many results ...
  12. try the BH or BV too...or if you want it smaller the marais and mini lin bucket are also cute
  13. I vote for BH.
  14. Bh!
  15. so many vote for BH? haha ok i'll def. check it out! thanks!!! ;)