Please Advise....

  1. I'm looking for a shoulder bag for my mom but can't decide which bag would be good for her...I want it to be a surprise. It will be an everyday bag so I need something durable and she tends to like bags that zip up. Any advise?? Thanks so much!!
  2. I'm a big fan of the Cabas Mezzo- it's well sized and has a zip closure. There's the smaller Cabas Piano as well, but personally I find the size too small for the shilouette/ straps.
  3. The Cabas Mezzo is a great bag. There's also the Damier Chelsea, about the same size as the Mezzo, but more worry free since there's no vachetta. The Chelsea also has adjustable straps. Both have a zipper closure.

    Or what about a Papillon 30 in either mono or damier?
  4. How about the Saleya (in damier)?
  5. ooh- good one LV Bunny! The Chelsea is gorgeous!
  6. damier saleya
  7. Cabas Mezzo is a great bag!
  8. Cabas Mezzo or BH (BH doesnt zip though)
  9. Popincourt Haut maybe?
  10. Popincourt Haut

    Tikal GM



    Cabas Piano

    Viva-cité GM

    Hudson GM
  11. DAMIER SALEYA! I picked up this bag this morning and I'm absolutely enthusiastic about it. It's practical, elegant and the best bag for everyday!:tup:
  12. Azur Saleya!
  13. without a doubt, saleya!! i saw this girl with an azur saleya mm in town a couple hours ago ... it's totally fab! though i'd personally prefer the pm. i'd get it if i weren't so strict with sticking to the mono line.
  14. my vote is for the azur saleya, cabas mezzo, neverfull or BH. All would be great bags.
  15. popincourt haut!