Please Advise where can I find a Tan Tokidoki Playground Bambione Purse?

  1. Please tell where i can find the tan tokidoki bambione style purse for sale with the dark black Asian Girl placement prominent on the front or back.

    Please and thank you!
  2. I have no doubt that the Tokidoki forum girls could help you!
  3. Maybe eBay if you're lucky. That's it.
  4. moving to Tokidoki Forum . . .
  5. I'd say best bet is either keep checking eBay or hope and pray something shows up on LJ lolz. It's kinda hard to get Tan yeah. Mostly what I see are Bella & Bella Bellas & Mamma Mias..not much bambinones...
  6. I think eBay is your only hope...and then I'm not sure how much choice you're going to have on placement. That print is getting super hard to find and is super expensive when you do find it on auction.
  7. yah agreed .. eBay or LJ :sad:
  8. daisysmootes - good luck on finding it!
  9. i have not seen one at all in that print.. i've seen bellas, bella bellas, andiamos, campeggios, ciao ciaos, buon viaggios, mamma mias.. basically EVERYTHING but no bambinos or bambinones. strange eh?

    yeah, eBay might be your best bet unless you can read foreign languages. i hear the harder to come by prints can be found on yahoo taiwan or japan or other retailers in those countries.
  10. I could have sworn there was a semi-recent auction for a Tan PG bambinone (not bambione) on e-bay but the price was outrageous and no one bid on it. I'm sure it'll eventually pop up again since that seller is always relisting all her crazy-priced item over and over.
  11. I think i saw that one sold maya :p
  12. Really?? Damn!
  13. yeah for 255 shipped :push:
  14. oh woah ... for a bag that size .. crazyyy
  15. i guess they are taking advantage of people's addictions.

    wish i knew i would be yearning for older prints, if i only knew, i would have bought it way back when. :crybaby: