Please Advise !!! Saint Laurent small Loulou bag Blush Pale VS Poudre ???

  1. Hello ladies,
    Here is my first time post ...:smile:)
    Please help with advise !!
    I am struggling to decide which color to pick up pinky Blush Palr or Poudre ? I am considering to puy small Loulou bag for summer time mostly, but of course I would be happy to wear it al year long...
    I am brunette and was thinking that pinky colors are better on me ..., but when tried at the store, shop assistant suggested to take beige color, because it’s more versatile and would go fine during winter for instance...
    Please, give your advise !!!
    Also, I guess both colors go dirty easily, So there is no special precaution to take, right ?

    Thanks !!!


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  2. I think both these colors would work in winter just fine, the pink here is rather dark-ish, it's not a bright girly pink, so it should be fine to wear all year round. I would say choose the one you personally like better when you try it on and look in the mirror.
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  3. This color seems very versatile and perfect per her various outfit pairings in her blog (not sure if the hair color is a factor):
    Pocket-Pullover-Sweater-Over-The-Knee-Boots-10.jpg The-North-Face-Campshire-Vest-5.jpg 10-Easy-Ways-To-Get-Motivated-This-Fall-9.jpg Saint-Laurent-Medium-LouLou-Monogram-Chain-Bag-Beige-2.jpg
    ....i believe she refers to it as beige, tho not sure if that the official name.

    Whatever color it is, I'd recommend that one. Good luck!
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  4. Oh, thank you so much for these pictures !!! Beige color looks great. Feels like it’s more classic.
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  5. Yes, that’s true, that pink color is subtle and still neutral !! I guess that’s why it’s so hard to decide ... lol
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  6. I like the pink. It's a soft shade so looks neutral, the beige looks too bland to me.

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  7. Both are really nice :angel:
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  8. depending of your wardrobe. I would take beige one if you have many reds/ strong, saturated colors. pink if you are more into pastels
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  9. Pink is thr new beigeee
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  10. Both are gorgeous but I’d go for the poudre
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  11. Some of these colors are on presale at Saks
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  12. Ladies, thank you so much for your help, advises and opinions, I really appreciate it !!! I finally got a pinky one and I couldn’t be happier, because the color is more beige with a pinch of pink in it. Super versatile here is a pic of this baby IMG_7819.jpg
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  13. Congratulations its beautiful on you. Where did you get this one?
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  14. Thank you I got on Ssense
  15. Thanks