please advise: Price ok for a preloved DUFFLE? SL newbie

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  1. Hello all!

    I have only ever been on here over at the chanel forum. All of my life, I have not bought a lot of handbags because I knew if I do buy a bag "it has to be chanel". Now that this worked out nicely (ha) and i own some CC arm candy, I need a new workbag. Because my job doesnt allow for it and I am (only) 30, I have used a COCCINELLE Bag or FURLA for work. Both are falling apart now and I want something new thats very classy and understated but a "Grown ups" Designer bag, no more "in between" low and high end brands.

    Introduction of the SL duffle bag 6 in black. I can get it second hand for a bit more than 300 Euros which of course isnt a lot considering its price when new. One corner shows significant wear but the rest seems fine once polished with some lotion. I dont mind scratches or a used look as long as its not falling apart ;)

    Because it is such an "older" style and not a "trend bag" atm, I would love to get expert opnion. is this bag still a bag to buy or would you say every euro paid for it is too much? I have zero knowledge on saint laurent collections or styles hence I need advise. Do used duffles retail for a lot less or more? I read everything I could find on here about that style and I know wear and tear is inevitable... Has anyone had a rubbed corner repaired yet?

    anyone with any opinon on this: feel free to help me out :smile: Thank you!
  2. I can give you some advice, but I'm not up with pre-owned prices at all.
    I have a Duffle 6 in black suede and leather, bought when it was released and I absolutely love it. Even though I wasn't in love with it before I bought it, it's become one of my never let go bags (and I've let go of a helluva lot of bags over the past year or so). In retrospect I wish I'd bought all leather (because easier to take care of) but on the other hand because I've been careful it looks almost new, just a little softer and slouchier.
    Love that it's simple, chic and subtle (no flashy metal logo), it's leather lined (not fabric) and it's the perfect practical day size. It may not be especially in style now but it will never go out of style either.
    If you can get a good one at a good price I would go for it.
  3. Thanks so much for the reply! I ordered it anyway, and will see how much I can buff it up and condition it and how bad the worn corner really is. I think it could be the perfect bag for work as it seems like it could fit a small lunch box, phone, wallet etc. therefore I dont mind that its used as I probs wouldnt throw my muesli into a 2k bag when new :biggrin: How much can you fit in yours?
  4. I hope the Duffle works out for you!
    It's a very roomy bag. You could carry breakfast, lunch AND dinner in there! I can fit a 12" MacBook inside if I really have to but it goes right to the top so can't zip it up. Otherwise I carry my usual basics - wallet, phone, sunglasses, keys, small make up pouch, small water bottle - and add extras such as a scarf or light sweater, Moleskine journal and notebook, paperback. Easy! About 1/2 to 3/4 full, which is my limit anyway. A compact umbrella or a small camera will fit in there as well.
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