please advise on: Gustto Baca

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  1. Dear all,
    I bought a Gustto Baca Khaki color at This is my first time purchase over this online store. I trust their service and know that they have many positive customer reviews.
    However, I really think something looks weird:
    (1) There is a white little tag says "Made in Mexico" right below the inside leather tag of "Gustto"; (2) The internal lining is empty, nothing printed. I thought Gustto bags all have "Gustto" printed all over the bright yellow lining? (3) I understand that Gustto products are more about the natural look. But when I put my hands on this bag the very first time, it feels cheap, compared to my feeling over the bags in Nordstrom stores.

    Please give me some advice. My only concern is: I hate using fake product! It's disrespectful to customers and the designer! I can accept the bag as long as it's real and the quality is not too bad.
  2. Kerry, I have only owned my Baca for a couple of weeks, the photos are attached.

    My lining is plain yellow, cheap-like material with a cheapo zipper inside. It is supposed to be like that, normal for the interior of a Gustto. Some linings have the black Gustto logo all over it, some don't.

    It's the 'soft as a baby's butt' leather on the outside that is the key. Their leather is great.

    As far as I know AE only sells authentic merchandise, many gals here buy from them.

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  3. And here is the interior.

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  4. my baca is the same with the plain ghetto lining

    and it has a made in mexico tag i believe too

    no worries on authenticity from AE im pretty sure
  5. I have a Gustto Setela bag and it has the same Made in Mexico tag and plain yellow lining. I think some of the newer bags have the black & yellow lining, which IMHO looks like a bumble bee! Although the yellow lining isn't the greatest, I prefer it to the printed one.

    I also noticed that the leather on these bags are different from bag to bag. The Baca bag I looked at when I was at Nordstroms had a completely different feel to it then my Setela and all the other bags they had (they had the Molia & Parina bags). Much thicker and a little softer. They also had a Med Setela in the same color as my bag (caramel) that was completely different. Even the coloring was different. I think that's what makes these bags so unique - each one is different and has it's own personality!

    I was actually considering buying a Baca bag myself, but I think that's a bag I would want to buy it in person rather than online for the very reason that I explained here - each bag is so different, and what one bag may look & feel like at one place, may look & feel completely different somewhere else.
  6. Thank you all for your comments and sharing the pictures!! Now I know more about Gustto and AE online, and I feel more comfortable. Thank you!
    Ha! it's true that interior of Gustto really looks cheaper than what it should be, and somehow funny... but the leather texture is great. To ladysalesrep195 -- your sky blue Baca is soooooo beautiful! Where did you find it?
  7. I just bought this two weeks ago on Ebay. *s It was a limited edition color.

    And do you know what I did to it yesterday? Spilled an entire cup of latte all over it, staining that beautiful cornflower blue. I tried to clean it myself and made it much worse so today sent it to Lovin My Bags.

    Be careful with yours. *s

  8. Oh No SalesRep....You pulled a Lexie...LOLOL
    But no fear...Barbara got the coffee stains out of my Botkier. Ahhh, the price we pay for love!
  9. I wouldn't worry. If you don't like the bag, you can return it for free anyway :biggrin:. Love activeendeavors.