Please advise on cleaning jewelry

  1. Does anyone have a recommendation and/or experience in cleaning two-tone metals? There are a lot of mixed metals in jewelry today, e.g. sterling silver and gold in the same piece of jewelry. I'd appreciate any advice.:smile:
  2. This is what I know. When my friend cleaned her gold with her silver, some of the plating from the silver transfered to the gold so all of her rings came out of the tub the same color. :yucky: Her jeweler was able to turn the gold back, but not until she cried a river.:crybaby: I don't know what the cleaning agent was, might have been dilute amonia, but that's just my guess.

    I guess, what I'm suggesting is that you talk to a jeweler about how to clean two tones. If youre just looking for a shine, I'd use a polishing cloth.:yes:
  3. Thanks for the suggestion champaign.

    Please keep the suggestions coming ladies and jewelry experts.;)