Please advise on 226 reissue quality

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  1. Thanks to the help of a kind tpfer, I was able to find my first Chanel bag this week - a 226 black reissue shipped from an NM store. It arrived today, and while I love the design and size, I'm concerned about the quality, particularly given the huge price tag.

    One of the corners looks kind of smashed and it's very noticeable when you look at the bag from the front. Is there a way to fix this by stuffing the bag, or is it defective?

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394327229.977660.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394327249.224756.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394327266.675324.jpg
  2. It's because the reissues are folded flat. Some can "dent" in the corner when straightening it out. Not a quality issue per say BUT you can probably find one that's not quite so creased or dented. Have your SA find you a better one.
  3. Yes I agree. I can see why you might be disappointed, if I were you I would return it. I would forever stare at the creases and worry that it would effect the durability/overall structure of the bag.

    If you are not 100% happy return it for one you are very happy with and inspect it closely before buying :smile:
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    lallybelle is correct. Classic reissues arrive at boutiques flat or folded. The crease on the left side of the picture is how reissues arrive - the crease on the right represents what happens at boutiques. Boutiques often "reshape" or "reflatten" the bottoms of reissues, so the creases become less visible.

    Some people wear their reissues with the crease the way it is on the left. Others, prefer their reissues to have a bottom similar to a classic flap, so they "reshape" it. (Although, whoever tried to reshape this reissue, could've done a better job, it's still not a quality issue with the bag... it's an issue with the SA who tried to "reshape" the base.) A base shaper or insert with stiff bottom, is helpful for this:

    i.e. here's a Chanel base shaper thread: BASE SHAPERS...DO YOU USE THEM & WHERE DO YOU BUY?

    Do you have a preference? If you prefer the crease, see if the right side can be gently coaxed back into it's original crease. Or, if you prefer a flat (instead of folded) bottom (like a classic flap), see if both sides can be gently coaxed into a shape that you like. Then, use an insert, to help your bag maintain this shape.


  5. I find it so interesting that they are shipped to the boutiques flat - that must then be the intended design, for the bottom to crease down wards vs. flat as the classics? I have always thought I did not like the crease but now that I know that is the intended design I am reconsidering. It is a wonderful concept - the bag is intentionally aged, so over time the additional aging just adds to the intended design. I might take my base shaper out of my 226! Thanks for all the info ladies!
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    Yes! That's the spirit of the reissue... to appear like a flap that's been loving worn for decades. :smile:

    On the other hand... I've seen lambskin, patent, and caviar reissues that look perfectly lovely with flat, unfolded bases.

    In the end... it's all a matter of personal taste. Enjoy your reissue!

  7. Thank you so much for your responses, lallybelle, antheakate, newmommy_va, and sluvschanel. When I flatten the right side to look like the left side, I think the bag looks much better and the sagging bottom doesn't bother me so much. I think it is mostly the asymmetry that was bothering me. Here's what it looks like with the right side creased in as well.

    Attached Files:

  8. Honestly I saw this too at the NM boutique. I loved the bag the first time I saw it but as it was y first chanel bag, I had to think about it. Went back to the boutique the day after and tried again. For some reason it didn't look as good to me as the first time. And I noticed the inside lining seemed that it wasn't cleanly done and the bottom had the weird crease. And there was cloudy smudging on the inside burgundy lining I couldn't wipe off easily with my hands. I asked the SA and she brought out another one brand new out of the box. It looked cleaner but it was definitely flat pack folded, she said that the crease. would go away. But given the price and all these small things that seemed to be a quality issue, I decided to pass. You would think for the price they wouldn't be flat packing these bags as I don't think the creased bottom is the intended look. Hard to give up because it was right before the price increase. But the second time around for some reason the style also looked a little old on me. I still think its a beautiful bag but hoping I feel better about the jumbo classic flap I ordered.
  9. It actually is the intended style of the bag, made to be able to be packed and carried in luggage flat. So what you think is quality control is actually the design of the bag as it was designed by Coco Chanel in 1955. I hope you find the jumbo a better fit for you.
  10. As everyone has already mentioned, the reissue is shipped to the boutiques flat which makes it great for travel in a suitcase. It's the aged beauty of a distressed reissue but they can be easily shaped. Put some tight tissue paper in the bag until it folds to the shape you want. I disliked the crease on the top flap on my reissue (due to it being shipped flat) so I kept rubbing the top until the crease fold line disappeared. I now also store with tissue paper because it's in the shape I want. That's what's so great about the reissue. It's easy to shape and mend because it's intended to look old, worn, loved. Enjoy it!
  11. Thanks for the replies. This thread is a couple months old now. I ended up returning that reissue and getting another one that looks much better. The biggest thing that bothered me was the asymmetry. I'm very glad I ended up going for a different one.