please advise -moral dilemma w/ a pet (LONG, sorry)

  1. hello fellow pF-ers (this is a LONG post, sorry.. please bear w/ me)

    first off, thank you for always helping me out when i am clueless about chi advice, i know i can always count on my pF-ers to give me good (AND sensible) advice

    here's the perdicament, i already have my chi <--- and my mother and i LOVE her, my latest pet problem doesnt have anything to do with my pup, BUT... my mother works in an area where there is also a residential area in close proximity. the neighbors have a chi, which they dont have locked up... and will usually visit my mom at work a few times during the day -in hope of belly rubs or a bite of her lunch. considering she NEVER used to like dogs, having our chi really changed her -she's VERy sympathetic to dogs, especially other chi's.

    anyways, this particular chi has been visiting my mom for almost 8 months now, and she noticed that he had not visited her in almost a month (which is odd because he would show up EVERY day during the week)... and she slowly started becoming attatched to him. she does not know the owners well, but knows that they are in the neighborhood and also have another (large) dog.

    long story short, the chi recently walked into my mom's work, with a gash on its abdomen and a broken leg (which is also ripped open, and very limp) in addition to a badly cut up ear. my mom tracked down one of the owners and ended up finding out that the dog had been attacked by a pit bull in the neighborhood, and had been recouperating at home for the time that my mom didn't see him.

    problem is... the owners have made NO attempt to take him to the vet at all, and his cuts have become infected and he is weak from hobbling on three legs. -his injured leg has no strength at all, and we are assuming it is broken (and since he had not been to a vet, there was no cast -the owners just put some hydrogen peroxide on it and wrapped a cloth around it)

    my mother asked if the neighbors were willing to pay, and they said no, so there was no means to take the pup to the vet, since they are not willing to shell out the bills themselves. -there is nothing worse to me than people who own pets, yet do not take FULL responsibility for them.

    my mother has very nicely offered to take in the chi as our own, seeing as they have neglected his needs... thus far -in turn, we would be assuming his injuries, taking him to the vet, and fixing him up -paying out of our own pockets. my mother assumed that since the owners treated him as if they did not really care about him, would just turn him over to us w/ the hope that he could be offered a happy healthy life with us.

    here is where the problem arises... they said NO! they told us they were not interested in giving us the dog, and that he would be ok.

    it has been almost 2 months since his injury, and he has NOT improved, in fact he has been steadily declining... not only limping on three legs, but getting sick (possibly as a result of infection from the dog bite??) out of rage at the situation, i told my mother to give the owners an ultimatum -either they would assume the costs/responsibility of caring for their dog, or WE would take him

    as the days go by, he is getting sicker and sicker... yet he slowly trots on over to see my mother -possibly the only happy 30 minutes in his whole day, today she asked me if it was wrong to just take him, regardless of the owner's permission

    I NEED HELP! i am in a total perdicament, ladies -is this wrong?? as a pet owner myself, i would be upset if someone took my dog w/o my permission BUT it is obvious that they do NOT really love their pet, as i do mine. -i fear that if we do not interviene, he will die soon... BUT i am in a moral dilemma

    PLEASE ADVISE ME, maybe i just need someone to rationalize this to me, that perhaps i am being irrational?? THANKS in advance, i really appreciate any advice/ help w/ this matter

    (SORRY this was SOOOO long, i just wanted to get the whole story and point across -i appreciate your time in reading this and taking it into consideration)
  2. I would start by offering money to buy the dog, they will not just give it up these sort of people never do. If that does not work do not delay at all and report it for cruelty to the authorities. Some times you have to make a stand and stand up for what is right and this poor dog has suffer enough. We have the RSPCA in England I do not know what organisation you have in your country but it would be easy to find out. Please Please do not delay any longer or this dog might die.
  3. :sad:!!!! Take this dog! The owners are not caring for it. It's like abuse. It's in pain. poor pup
  4. I would report the rotten people to your local animal welfare authority immediately. Perhaps you could notify your veterinarian and see if he/she could help? God, I hate people like this! Good luck.
  5. Offer money to buy the dog.
    Dogs by law are 'things' and are legally treated as such. If your mom just takes this poor creature, it would legally be 'theft'.
    If she buys the dog, he's officially hers and she can give the poor pup the treatment he so urgently needs. I hope it works out!
  6. First of all :flowers: to you and your mommy for caring. Anyways, these people must be horrible, and I feel bad for that little fellow, and although it sounds unfair, you should definately offer them some money. However, I would also contact RSPCA (that's what it's called in the US, right), because it's obvious that these people are not fit to have a dog.
    Anyways, keep us posted on what happens, we're crossing fingers for you guys :smile:
  7. OMG!!! First of all, who lets their chi run around the neighbourhood alone?!?!!?!? If it was me, to be honest I would just take the dog...they wouldn't even know what happened to it since its just running around all the time. Quite frankly, they don't deserve to know. This makes me so angry! Why do people who blatently abuse and neglect their pets always want to keep them? freaks!!

    Please take the dog to the vet. :sad: Let us know what happens.
  8. here's what i would do:

    1. call the local police and/or animal shelter -- this may constitute animal cruelty and grounds to seize the dog from its owners.

    2. tell them the whole story, and emphasize that you are willing to take the dog and provide the care it needs.

    3. the next time the dog visits, take it into the house and lock the doors; call the police or shelter to come over immediatley and inspect the dog.

    4. at that point they should either take it for care or allow you to do so -- then pursue keeping the dog as an alternative to criminal charges.

    good luck -- and bless you for caring.
  9. I do hope you have the strength to do something regarding this. I know its hard as people are often afraid or do not wish to get involved with authorites but please make a stand and do something. I have been battleing cruelty for years and its never easy but you have to do the right thing and protect this animal. I am a big believer in fate and the dog came to your mum for a needs help so please help it.
  10. This about covers it. I, too, hate people like that. I'll bet they find the money for other things that they want. A pet is a committment. This dog will die if something drastic isn't done. It may already have permanent damage. My prayers are with you and your mom with this terrible situation.
  11. ^^^ This is really good advice!

    Be sure to let us know what happens! Poor little Chi. This breaks my heart! Thank you so much to you and your Mom for being there for this pup!
  12. Good advice!! :yes:
  13. :crybaby: How sad!!! If it were me, I wouldn't think twice about taking that poor dog. Next time he visits your mom, your mom should just take the dog to the vet asap. He might be getting abused at home, or maybe, as my first thought was, the originial owners do one of those pitbull ring fighting things and that little dog got caught up in it. I would bring the dog to the vet(say you found it wandering and hurt), call the ASPCA or animal control on the owners, and go on from there. Please take this poor dog to the vet. He is suffereing and you are his only hope. Please.
  14. purplekitty, i admire your determination!

    the reason i didn't suggest going directly to the vet is to try to proceed so there's the best chance that these awful people NEVER EVER get this unfortunate dog back. from that standpoint it may be better if law enforcement sees him before any treatment -- both in case they need to testify, as well as REALLY getting them on your side and committed to saving him.

    though rather than wait for them to arrive, perhaps it would be better to hop in the car and drive to the police station, and then to the vet.
  15. Thanks, dressage queen.
    I just feel so bad for this little dog. I hate hearing stories of animal abuse. These irresponsbile owners should never ever be allowed to own any pets. You do have an excellent point. Let the police see him first to take pics for evidence, etc., and then to the vet. All and all, just don't let that poor dog go back to his originial owners. He has been seeing your mother mostly everyday for a reason.