Please advise Chloe Experts: Is it normal for my Tan Silverado to discolor/darken?

  1. Hi,

    This is my first thread in the Chloe forum,:wlae:I was hoping I could get some advice from all you lovely ladies. I bought a tan silverado a few weeks ago (will post pics later tonight! i've just been busy with school), and it seems to have gotten at least a shade or two darker! Is this normal? It's only been a few weeks? I don't usually store it in the sleeper, however. TIA:cutesy:
  2. Do you live in a humid environment? I noticed that sometimes my leather bags will change colors based on that alone because of the humidity. Otherwise the color shouldn't be changing just hanging out in it's dustbag...
  3. hmm. I live near SF in Berkeley. I don't know if that's considered humid. LOL. Maybe that is it though; I am always too lazy to put it away in the dustbag.

    Will the color keep discoloring? eekz.
  4. Please post a picture...I really wanna see the colour!
  5. i took some photos, but i don't know how to resize them. they are too large, any tips PFers?
  6. retake them with lower resolution or go into a photo editing software and re-size the picture! if all that fails you can e-mail them to me and I'll re-size them and send them back to you!
  7. Ok, so here are the photos that the lovely mona_danya helped me resize.
    tansilverado.JPG tansilverado1.JPG
  8. here's one more! sorry I couldn't fit it all in one post. I can post modeling pics later tonight, if anyone is interested. :yes:
  9. I think that it looks really pretty! I am not sure about the darkening though. . . I only have paddies. I can't imagine that if it has darkened that it would get too much darker than that though.