Please Advise!! 05 Teal Day vs 07 Aqua Day

  1. My dream is to own a 05 Teal Day :love: ...I've been searching eBay for the pass 3-4 months now and the one time I found one on eBay the seller wouldn't ship to Canada. :crybaby:

    Should I give up on the Teal Day and just buy a 07 Aqua Day since it would be easier to find? :shrugs:

    The pix of the Aqua bbags on tPF appear really bright...but when I went to Holts a couple of weeks ago I saw the Aqua Compagnon wallet and compared it to my Teal First and it was only slightly brighter. Should I take the chance and call up BalNY to put my name down for the Aqua Day (assuming its not too late)? I'm scared that I won't like the color when I see it in a Day style (they're all sold out at Holts).

  2. Are you sure it wasn't French Blue you saw in the Compagnon? If it's the Toronto Bloor St. store, they have yet to receive Aqua, but I did see a French Blue wallet in the glass case a few weeks ago...
  3. I saw the Aqua Compagnon at the Yorkdale store...really beautiful! I called the Toronto Bloor st store on Monday and they told me that they already sold all the Aqua bbags.
  4. Oh, those silly Bloor St. SAs...I phoned the other day to ask whether the new colours were in and they said end of March...sigh...
  5. I would go for aqua. It looks lovely to me... and I, myself, prefer a new bag :yes:
  6. I have an 05 Teal Day. The 05 Teal is bluer than the 07 Aqua, which more closely resembles the 05 Turquoise IMHO. It depends on what goes better with your outfits.
  7. I'd go for the Aqua as well. I second Carrie that it'll be a plus to get a brand new bag... There are some great used bags on eBay, but if you get the Aqua you'll save yourself from the hassle of having to analyze pics and ask questions to determine if the condition of the bag is what you want it to be. :smile:
  8. I would get an Aqua Day, the leather on the ones shown have been stunning and you know you are getting a brand new, only used by you, bag, and you don't have to worry about authenticity! And you said you have a Teal first, so diversify : )

    I wish you well,

  9. Absolutely go for the Aqua day. Such a bright, happy color.
  10. i like teal....
  11. I would also go for the aqua day... imo there's nothing like being the original owner of a bag if possible, but that's just me...
  12. I would go with the aqua day!!! Its new and mint and you can get one with great leather!
  13. I just got off the phone with a SA at Holts on Bloor and she told me that they never received the Aqua and they don't know if they'll receive any. Wish they could get their story staright!

    But I'm pretty sure the compagnon wallet I saw at the Holts in Yorkdale was was slightly brighter than my Teal first. Unless it was BI??? :shrugs:
  14. I :heart: the Teal Day! But I may settle for the Aqua Day...I just called BalNY and they have a few Aqua Day left. Daphne will only be in on Friday so I'll call back and see if she pick out a Day bbag similar to what she picked for PowederPuff. The leather looked amazing...thick and smooshy!!! :love:

    I really hope I love the Aqua as much as the Teal...
  15. I hope you love the aqua day. Very tough decision. I myself am trying to decide between teal and aqua for a city. I have owned teal in the past and know I love it but I sometimes wished it was a little brighter. However, I'm not sure if the aqua would be a little bit too bright for me in a city. Oh well, day or city, I think either color would be beautiful.