Please advice with MJ's CS, I am "confused"!

  1. Hi Guys, I don't know where to start, and I apologize in advance for this post being too long. This is my first time posting on the MJ forum, I don't even know if I have posted this in the right space or not...

    Last April I have purchased my first ever MJ - Banana quilted hobo in black. After bringing it home I've noticed loose stitching (left overs from the thread hanging) and a crack in the leather pull it self. I brought it back, and instead of exchanging my bag the SA cut off the threads and replaced the leather zipper pool assuring me that it will be fine - and it was.

    3 month later after a frequent but careful usage ( I do treat my bags like kids), one of two rings that attach leather strap to the bag detached it self from the metal base that sewn in on the inside and began stretching leather. If I was to use it longer, the strap would become really deformed if not rip apart....I meant to bring it back to MJ but forgot about it during Summer.

    Late october I found it again, and decided to finally bring to MJ. After listening to my story, a very helpful SA excepted my bag for repair declaring that it broke from usage...fine. She said it would take MAX 10 weeks at most. I told her u sure? she said I know it seems too long but I must give this estimate to all repairs because it's "THE WORST CASE SCENARIO"

    10 weeks later I called the store, although they've found me in their files, they didn't know anything about my R status, so I was told to wait till manager gets in and speak to him. 4 days later I finally got in touch with the guy, and all he tells me, is that he will let me know when it arrives.

    2 weeks later nothing (you can only get in touch with the Mngr -fridays)

    finally reached him - got the same answer. Called back in another 2 weeks, again the answer was the same.

    Finally last friday we spoke again, and he assured me that my bag wasn't lost, he was gonna get on it and call me right back....I am still waiting!

    What should I do? Where else can I address my concern? It's been 5 months since they had my bag. I really miss it even though it's not that "hot" anymore. I've paid full price for it and would like to have it back very much!

  2. Look, it's time to go commando on them. You have been as patient and as nice about the situation as you can be. Get them on the phone tomorrow and tell them you want to know where your bag is and why you don't have it back. Be firm, but not rude.

    You may be being too passive which is why they are brushing you. As hard as this sounds, let them know that if they don't let you know where your bag is that you will get in contact with your financial institution and dispute the transaction for the bag.

    That bag is a dime a dozen and one of the lovely ladies on the forum will find you another one if need be.
  3. Hi, thank you for your reply. The last time I spoke with the Mngr, I did exactly what you've suggested. He was very apologetic on the phone, and I did express my frustration in the most polite way possible. I did not hold anything back, and at the same time was very business like - no rudeness/no softness. Firm and confident to say the least, BUT my efforts turned out fruitless..

    There is no point to even talking to SA ( I did try) they are clueless about repairs, so the Mngr whom I can only reach Fridays is my only contact.

    This is by the way a NY Soho MJ Store.
    Does MJ has a main # that anyone knows of that I can call (i.e LV has 866#)?

    Thanks again.
  4. no general 800 number as far as I know. But there has to be a point that you cut the cord. They can't tell you what's going on with your bag after about 14 or 15 weeks, there is a problem. Ask them for compensation or get in contact with your bank and do a chargeback on the item. They have had the bag for 3 months! That is ridiculous.
  5. If you get in touch with the manager again, ask him where they sent your bag so you can follow up yourself. If he is unable to provide an answer, ask for HIS boss' phone number, or call and ask one of the SAs for that number. They must have somebody else that is giving them orders! Keep going up if need be, because at this point, they've hijacked your bag. You paid decent money for it and deserve to have it back, and 5 months is unacceptable. They're giving you the runaround, and it is terrible CS.

    I think elongreach offered good advice too about chargebacking the item, although I think there might be a time limit on a transaction, and from what it sounds like, you didn't buy it at the MJ boutique, but elsewhere correct? If that's the case, it's unlikely the bank can do anything...
  6. You're right! I am going to the store in person tomorrow. I've also found a contact just now (from MJ website) of a person who handles ALL MJ Handbags - no sale. it wouldn't hurt to email her as well. An if it doesn't generate results within 48 hours. I am contacting AMEX to see what can be done in terms of charge back. If not - I will go to small claim court and file a claim. It's all about the principle at this point. It's been FIVE months since they have my bag. I am not made of money, this is my hard earned cash they're holding hostage.

    Thank you for your encouragement. I think I really needed an eye opener!
  7. you go girl! Do what you need to do, but I really hope MJ resolves it before you need to go to that extreme.
  8. Hi Thithi, I did get it in the MJ boutique. The same boutique is holding my bag hostage. And I agree with your suggestion about getting in touch with the "boss's" boss. That is what I am trying to do all along..But so far nothing. I guess tommmorow I will pay them a visit in person. I'll let you guys know what came out of it...
  9. Oh my gosh....I posted about a month ago about a similar situation when I took my MJ in to Saks. Finally, after almost 4 months they returned it to me. That was after me nagging them and requesting to speak with a store manager. I hadn't even worn the bag for > 2hrs. and the threads were loose. I feel for you. Hope this gets resolved soon.
  10. Thank you pquiles, I hope so too. It is sad that unfortunattely I am not the only person It happened to. But at least you got yours back which gives me some kind of hope:smile:
  11. wow...dont take that crap from them..threaten legal action if they dont sad they treat customers like that
  12. What's with MJ and loose threads, I have some too on my Venezia, no way I'm sending it to them for repair, I'll figure a way to tighten them myself. Sorry you are getting such a run around.