Please A Advaice On A Black List E-bay Reseller

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  1. Hi I just descovered this evening an e -bay seller that have a wonderful plume ostrich 35cm birkin ...amazing....:love:
    now I then look in the black list e-bay reseller there was the sad:crybaby:
    NYFASHIONEXPERT.. so there is somebody out there, that can tell me what the problem is with this reseller? The bags are a fake..? OR IS may be something else PLEASE HELP I REALLY LOVE THAT PLUME OSTRICH BUT I DONT' WANT GET IN BAD HANDS.....:confused1:
    LOVE... ANGEL2307:heart:
  2. I have only had good experiences with NYFASHIONEXPERT. I have bought from this seller often. Someone else just bought a Birkin from her and was very pleased. Her bags are authentic and arrive as good as buying at Hermes Madison Ave., even better no begging for a bag from a SA.
  3. NYFASHIONEXPERT is a legit and reputable seller.
  4. Yes. Buy with confidence. Even I don't know why her name is in the list. Very sad.
  5. Let me check this out- I will remove that name from the list if it is there.

    But in the future, these types of threads need to be posted in the discuss eBay seller thread. Thank you.
  6. Update. This seller was placed on the list because of their customer service. Their items are 100% authentic. Because so many of you spoke highly here about this seller, I have removed that name from the list.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.