Pleasantly surprised!

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  1. I checked the coach website last night because I had heard that there was going to be a new floorset today and even though there wasn't any bag that I really wanted, I saw the most adorable keyfob--the new Mr. Slowpoke AKA snail. Well DH was sitting right next to me when I did that and he admitted that it was "the most adorable keyfob I've ever seen" (his words). He told me that he would go to the Coach store today while I was at work and get if for me. But when I got out of work today and called him as I was driving home, he said "Well I went to Coach today and they didn't have it yet--not until Sunday." So needless to say, I was bummed! But what did I find when I came home, all gift wrapped (and probably dying to get out of the Coach box for a breather)??? MR. SNAIL!!!!!! :wtf::upsidedown::love: So I just wanted to post this thread to acknowledge what a SWEET and adorable DH I have!!! :yes: :smooch: I love my new keyfob, hopefully he will get along great with all the other animals in my collection!:P;) Don't worry, Mr. Elephant is still my favorite!
  2. Awe that's sweet.
  3. Awww what a sweetie! Congrats!
  4. AWWWW What a sweet (sneaky!) hubby you have!! The elephant IS adorable but so is the snail and I'm sure they will get along JUST fine :yes:
  5. I told my DF your story and he said he needs to try and be sweet & sneaky that way - we loved to hear about your suprise!
  6. What a little sweetheart! And he has good taste too :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments, I am very lucky to have found my :heart:DH :yes:
  8. That was too cute of him!!
  9. That is beyond sweet!! The only time my DH has ever been in a Coach store was to get me a gift cert and now that you can get gift cards easily online he just does that - I do have him trained though - Coach, Nordstrom and Sephora cards please;)

  10. :roflmfao:too cute! My DH knows it's all about Coach for Christmas, birthday, Valentine's ect. :P
  11. That is so sweet of your DH to buy you the snail. I wish my DH would buy me something from Coach but so far he hasn't and I've been giving him subtle hints that Mother's Day is around the corner and a gift card or something from there would be really nice.;)
  12. Congrats, it's very cute!
  13. what a dear! That's so sweet of him and I absolutely love the snail!
  14. That snail is too cute! I am not usually into keyfobs but I may need that one.

    And what a sweetie of a dh you have, you are a lucky girl!
  15. What a cute story, Amie! You definitely love the keyfobs and Mr. Snail is so cute!

    Mr. Elephant is still my absolute fave too, but I think I am going to need to go pick up Mr. Snail as well! :yes: