Pleasant Prairie WI update

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  1. Hi All!

    There are lots of deals to be had at the Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin outlet today!

    Black and purple lurex & amanda satin mini skinnies $9.99
    Black and purple lurex cosmetic pouches $14.99
    Black and purple lurex top handle pouches $24.99
    Cashmere tattersall mufflers (blue) $49.99
    Amanda satin capacity wristlet $29.99
    Amanda satin foldovers $39.99
    Leather Carlys 50% off med & lg
    Resort (the navy and pink one) Op Art mini skinnies, wristlets and top handles all 50% off
    Soho hobos, satchels & wallets 40% off
    Suede laced Chelsea 50% off - I think it was in the ballpark of high $200's

    Lots of other great deals at 50% off!

    ...And word on the street there is that they are supposed to be getting Sabrinas soon! :dothewave:
  2. more thing...

    They had the cutest scarves that were shades of pink and red with hearts! Perfect for Valentine's Day! I am so NOT a pink person, and I thought they were adorable!
  3. Thanks for the info, even though none of those items are on my list, I AM DEFINALTELY INTERESTED IN THE MADISON LINE.... Sabrina's, Juliannes, if you see them can ya let me know, It's about a 2 hour drive for me, ( and a toddler) so I cannot "pop in" that easliy, I have to plan the trip. (But make the trip I would)
  4. Oh and anything Lecagy, (not factory)