pleasant NYC hermes experience

  1. No, I didn't buy anything...sorry.

    But in my haste of yesterday (in and out of new york in ~6 hrs, with two job interviews mixed in), I stopped into the madison store about 5pm.

    I walked around for a few minutes, browsed...saw some great stuff. Theres a tiny (25cm?) matte croc birkin in what looked like a dark brown color. Saw lots of bolides, trims (a greenish ostrich 27cm...i think), and then all the men's stuff.

    A very nice gentleman helped me look at some things...Enrique...very helpful! We looked at some clarisse pms and some of the key holders. I really want a key holder (with the bearn-style clasp) in vermillion leather (dont know which kind), but...OMG...$700! I was slightly shocked...

    Also looking at some of the "H" enamel bracelets, the belts, etc. I might make a trip to palm beach or bal harbour for spring 3 weeks or so.

    Anyway, it was fun! Glad I could share!
  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! Too bad the pricing was shocking on the key holder. Maybe you can go to the sale that is referred to in another thread?
  3. Give us your report when you travel to the two stores in Florida as well!
  4. Wow, what a great first visit! And good luck on those job interviews.

    Hermes prices are indeed shocking, but the MOST shocking thing is how soon you'll get used to them! Keep us posted!
  5. the funniest thing is how the prices for those little things effects your perspective on the really big price tags for the bigger items.
    $700 for a keychain makes 6k for a bag seem reasonable since a bag is more than 10times more appealing/useful/fun than a keychain.
  6. well its funny because that has happened to me already once (LV prices), and now $1000+ for a nice messenger doesn't sound out of the question, and $700 for nice dress shoes isnt bad either. But Hermes is a STEP ABOVE that...I seems like some of their pricing is a bit backward. Like cashmere men's mufflers for $350, and some hair and jewelry items are >$200, but then something like the clarisse pm, which is not much larger than a credit card, is $470ish, and the key holder is $715. It's just a little nutty!
  7. ^^^Yeah, well, we've all kinda gotten over the sticker shock a while ago. Nevertheless, glad to hear you had an enjoyable first experience.
  8. lately I have been telling myself that most of these prices are probably caused by, not only the materials themselves, but the man (or woman)-hours needed to make the then i feel better about the $$ spent...
  9. Glad you had fun! You'll become more immune to the prices the longer you hang out here - a DANGEROUS place!!! :smile:
  10. Oh this is a VERy dangerous forum....LOL!!!! But I'm so glad you had a lovely experience at my favorite Hermes store!!!!!!
  11. yeah, now all i can think about is getting back to nyc for the summer so i can make some purchases! ahhh! haha.
  12. oh, i dunno, HG, i'm still in sticker shock over some of the items myself ;) and when i see something like that keyholder, i think "that's money that could go towards another birkin!" ;)

    i guess i'm still a newbie at heart! :heart:
  13. ^^^I give you one more week pigleto and you'll be telling yourself "What a bargain! It's under $1000".:p
  14. omg i totally have a skewed sense of pricing. it started with lv. i still saw the card holder at hermes though for something like 400-700 and thought, oh my god there's no way that's too much. then i bought a chanel one for 250 and thought what a bargain! this forum is trouble. lol
  15. the thing is that...I wouldn't really have a problem paying some of these overly hiked prices (700 for a key holder, etc.), but I really don't have nearly as much disposable income as most H buyers do, and so 700 has a lot of uses (a new ipod + a pair of nice shoes, a cheapish bag from lv or ysl, a plane ticket to europe, etc.)...

    once I am older and wealthier, I'm sure I wont have any qualms about spending like I would like to.