Pleasant experience...

  1. Some of you may remember I got a planner a few weeks ago and was inquiring about refills...

    Well, I had to go out and get a book for class last night, and I just *happened* to be near Coach, so I stopped in and figured maybe they could order the refill for me so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. Well, the ladies were so sweet, and it turns out they actually had several planner refills in the store. At first she couldn't find the right size, but after checking a few more places in the back they were able to locate the 3x5 spiral refill I needed. Yay! Not only did I not have to worry about shipping, I got my refill right away!

    After several posts about bad CS from some SA's, I though I'd share how great some were, esp. considering it was only a $12 sale. :tup:
  2. Thanks for sharing your great experience!! So often we only share the bad that the good ones get overlooked!!!
  3. Great! As an SA myself I think we are all a little hard on the SAs. Some of us try really hard because we're customers too.
  4. aww what a great experience~!
  5. Yeaay, for great SA's! Love hearing about great/positive SA experiences! Thanks for sharing yours, Greenpixie!
  6. YAY! this could not have happened to a nicer person! I am so glad you got your refills w/ NO shipping!!!!!!! and the SA's being nice....that's a bonus!!!!! GREAT job!!!!!!
  7. That is so wonderful! Glad you got your refill minus the shipping as well! :smile:
  8. How wonderful! And thanks for sharing too.
  9. Awesome, glad things went well.
  10. glad to hear you had a great experience!
  11. Great story--thanks for sharing! My experience with COACH SAs has always been positive. I could be purchasing a $38 charm but they treat it like I'm making a $380 purchase.
  12. Thanks for sharing the positive. Glad you have your refill AND no shipping necessary.