Pleasant ebay experience...anyone

  1. I too have had bad luck with eBay and bags. Luckily, two of the three took them back. I was just wondering if anyone had a pleasant experience??
  2. I have awesome experiences on eBay all the time as a buyer and seller, unfortunately there are always the bad ones, but I think I can honestly say that 90-95% of my eBay deals are great
  3. I have had excellent experiences, too many to count. But yes, I have had bad ones too. Your best bet is to post any auctions of items you want to buy in the appropriate branded section of this site, and our resident experts will tell you whether to buy or not based on authenticity. Hope that helps!
  4. All, but 1 weird one, has been completely positive.

    I live in Alaska, where I cant really buy any deisgner, I have bought a dozen or so Coach items on eBay. ALL were positive experiences!

    Any any other stuff I have won, have all been positive experiences!

    When it comes to "higher" end stuff (over $300)...I just would never consider eBay. Im not willing to take a risk at loosing that kind of money. There isnt anything I want that bad....and If I have over a few hundred to spend on something, im going to get it from the store! LOL
  5. i did...but not sure if my luck will run out! i bought a chloe paddington from a seller and the whole thing went well. she answer all my questions and send the pics requested. the bag was authentic and the whole experience was good.
  6. just recently sold a new balenciaga bag and buyer quickly gave me great feedback and specifically stated the bag is authentic--I really appreciate when buyers make a point of stating that!
  7. i love great transactions. i try to be both an understanding seller and buyer. i bought a fake and fortunately the seller took it back. i have had 3 NPB but i've moved past it. i just try to be cautious and clear my way in everything. i.e. sellers tags and good pics.
  8. I've had some really good transactions lately as a seller and a buyer. Recently I made $100.00 profit on a bag that I got at the HH sale (had to flip it because I've bought too many bags lately!). I also just bought a gorgeous flame (rare, hard to find color) BV clutch wallet from ebay at very fair price. I'm relatively new to selling on ebay so my handbag selling experience may be beginniner's luck. I have some mint vintage Chanel I want to sell to help pay for a new BV veneta...sounds like y'all recommend waiting until Fall?
  9. i'm a buyer and 98+ went perfect very sweet transactions... 1 fake and and 1 scam... in all not bad:smile:
  10. I've had mostly wonderful experiences as both a buyer and seller. I try to protect myself on both ends. This forum serves as a great education especially on the buy end and then as a seller I protect myself as best as possible by not selling to people with 0 feedback or too much neg. feedback and also just going with my gut instinct when people email me. You can usually sense the bad and bizarre immediately and just block them as bidders. I've truly lucked out lately by working with PFers on both buy and sell ends as well and we're all happy. I've had 2 bad experiences a long time ago where one was my own fault for not checking out the seller too much and not doing authenticate this on tPF, which these days really is necessary and the other the person misrepresented the condition of the bag by a mile and I wasn't aware back then that I could do a chargeback on my CC. The deadline passed. I've learned my lessons. Ebay's not always bad. There are some great rare bags on there occasionally and some great sellers out there.
  11. Mostly, I have had great experiences. There have been occasional bad purchases but the savings have outwayed them. I have never bought a purse on eBay though I am considering one now. I have always used a credit card as protection. From what I know, AMEX is the best about protecting their cardholders. Selling experiences have also been positive. I have had a couple people who tried not to pay but I hounded them enough and I finally got payment.
  12. eBAy is not what it used to be, but all and all, most people (Buyers and Sellers) are good. The bad get noticed because they are BAD! =)
  13. My most recent pleasant Ebay experience is floating around this forum somewhere "I feel bad...what would you do?"

    I've been buying and selling on Ebay for many years and have only had one very bad experience (buying) and one very annoying experience (selling). Everything else has been great.

    Much of the Ebay experience has to do with relying on our own good old common sense. I love Ebay.
  14. A little bit ago I purchased a new Marc Jacobs stam from oft-replicated bag to be sure...and paid a fair price for it (a deal at $750). I had it authenticated here, and had all-around great communication with the seller. I was super anxious, but was thrilled beyond reason when an authentic stam arrived in the mail. I've had less fantastic experiences with more minor purchases, but this one was a winner. Love my bag, love the deal. I still have faith in the well-researched ebay purchase...
  15. I've had great experiences as well. For bags, I've only purchased a few. I've been happy with all of them, but I bought from sellers in whom I had a high level of confidence -- mostly those from whom I'd bought designer clothes or shoes, but always with impeccable feedback.