Pleas help with my decision!!!!


Jul 22, 2007
which do you girls think is the prettiest, the large bleeker flap in all leather in british tan color which is like whiskey, or the chocolate brown leather with the chocolate brown signature also in bleeker flapk, same style just different color except that the chocolate brown is half leather half signature. i dont know which to get both are beautiful. please help me out girls, i really want to make up my mind by today. TIA:confused1:
Oh my goodness, the chocolate is gorgeous! Well, I just bought the Bleeker large flap in the chocolate and siggy today (I'll get around to posting it in a thread I guess) but I LOVE this bag. The leathers are stunning also, I just thought maybe a bit heavier and they "seem" to be a little prone to scratching, just imo. The bag itself, whichever you choose, is fabulous. It is so comfortable and so pretty. I go nuts over anything in the Coach chocolate but I was with my son and mom and they also loved the khaki/coal.
British Tan...I bought mine in WINE...It is beautiful. I had the GREAT DEBATE between the two colors, I went with wine, then turned around and bought the Bleecker Duffle in BRITISH TAN a couple of weeks later because I love the color. My husband is making me save them for Christmas and my Birthday (December 27th)
crazy4coachbags I love the british tan but im afraid of all the scratching since it is so easy to scratch. have you had problems with your wine colored flap? does it scratch easily?
My DH has not even let me peek into the box for a small little sniff of the leather, but the one on the floor was ok. My SA told me that everybody that works there likes to walk around carrying the British Tan duffle and rub it because it is so SOFT of a leather. So I think that it did not have any scratches on it from all its stroking!!! I know that the oils in your skin will smooth them out and cover them.
I love them BOTH..big help, huh?

The Chocolate/sig is a bit cheaper, so that would be my choice on a budget...BUT..for durability & timeless fashion, the british tan is my fave.

Can we get both? lol...