PLEAE HELP! Should I keep my first chloe - dark brown silverado? on-sale read on...

  1. I just bought a chloe silverado I belive (looks like this one:
    but it is a deep brown with faint reddish's beautiful. Retails for $1355 I believe - but I got it at Bloomingdales for with NY tax $718. Should I keep it?

    What I'm worried about is that the leather looks like it could scratch very easily. I don't want this expensive bag to look like crap after a few uses. I was hoping someone can share their experiences with me who owns one. It's a very unique leather - so I see the leather varies from section to section. They also had them in a medium brown and a light golden honey color. Really pretty but the dark brown really looked rich.

    I usually go for MJ bags - they don't scratch as easily and the leather is really think. This leather seems to be a little more sensitive and not as stiff so I'm wondering if this is a quality bag for the money.

    Normally I won't buy chloe (although I like some styles) b/c of the lack of good sales and their normally high retail prices.

    What are your opinions?
  2. Go with your gut feelings. If you're having doubts about the bag, then you're probably better off returning it and getting something you REALLY love :love:
  3. Did you get a python? The scales are a bit delicate and tend to flip with use (see the recent thread on this).

    I vote return it and put the $ to something you will use with abandon!
  4. That leather is rather could always put it on eBay and probably make some money :smile:
  5. your link showed a python silverado, but the retail value is of an all leather silverado. Anyhow the leather on most silverados are buffalo leather - which is one of the most durable. The leather is not supposed to be smooth all over. As it gets broken in/ages, it'll look better (as most chloe bags do). Believe me, it won't look like crap. I have 2 silverados -- one from 04 and one from 06. they're still fine :smile:
  6. Excellent advice!!! I totally agree!
  7. Nope - it's a dark brownish/reddish leather silverado (not scaled)....I really love this chloe (out of all the bags chloe makes I always chose the silverado). I have so many other bags - I always wanted a silverado - I do love this style - I just don't want it to look scratched up after a few wears so I was looking for feedback. I can always save the receipt and tags and return and say it wears horribly>....?
  8. I love the rugged look of the silverado, but if you're worried about wear, return it, though the leather should age really well. But even at $718, it ought to be something you really love.
  9. Personally I think that chloe bags wear much better than MJ bags. The quality of the leather is far better. The silverado is meant to look worn --that is the character of the bag.
  10. I have the large Silverado in tan also, and I adore. The look is supposed to be rather rugged. I think the bag will only improve with age. I vote that you keep and enjoy.
  11. Wow, I love the colour...good choice!
  12. Lovely!
  13. Is this colour called chocolate?
  14. I once had that same Silverado. I sold it on eBay and still regret selling it. It was stunning. In terms of wear, i was washing my hands in a sink and the water sprayed out and a few drops landed on my bag and stained it so watch out using it when the weather is wet.