Pleae help me authenticate this Tod's

  1. Hi!

    Lost tha last bids over a beautiful black Tod's (previous thread) whose price went over the edge within the last minute...

    Would like your opinion on this one?

    Seems OK, answer of the seller below:

    The zipper pull is leather that is embossed the the Tod's "T" and the partial lionshead that is their trademark. I don't have extra pictures, sorry, my camera is not working and I borrowed one for these photos. The bag is in excellent condition and was carried only a couple of times. It was bought at the Tod's store in Orlando. Thanks.


    I am just perplex because there is no Tod's store in orlando according to official site, but maybe she's confusing with Bal Harbour?

    need your advice now!!!! Thank you :smile:
  2. This is a Tod's outlet store in Orlando. Purchased many shoes there myself.

    The bag looks authentic, it is an older style. I personally love the 'T' hardware, wish they were still using those.

    Looks like a nice bag, hope you win it!
    Good luck!
  3. I can't believe it!! i was outbid the 4 last seconds!!! :sad:
  4. Arghh, I hate when that happens! Keep at it-you'll get one!
  5. Better luck next time I hope.
  6. Join one of those 'snipe' sites and don't lose another one.

    You can set it to snipe for you in the last 3 seconds!
    Good luck, hope you get one soon!
  7. thank you! :crybaby:

    hop to be luckier next time!!! :smile:
  8. Bluefly and Overstock have some Tod's bags now. You might check them.
  9. oh really thank you! but is overstock reliable? i have read somewhere the authenticity was questionable...