1. Vlad! Can you make a subforum for sunglasses?!?!

    I noticed alot of people talk bout sunglasses as well!!!!


    I want to post my new sunglasses on it! :flowers:
  2. That would be awesome!!!!
  3. I agree... ! I have a new pair just waiting to be shown off!
  4. Great idea!!
  5. i really do think this is a good idea. i searched for a "sunglasses forum" all of it's own on google and it doesn't exist. i'd love a place to show my lil collection off! fendi gucci burberry and marc jacobs wee!
  6. ITA!!! I have a huge sunnies collection and nowhere to show it off. It could be a sub in either the jewlery or wardrobe?
  7. actually I think this is a great idea. Maybe a sticky or subforum (authenticating those are big!) under the wardrobe forum?
  8. Good idea!! I have a few i would like to post:tup:
  9. Wouldn't it just fall under the respective subforums? Or maybe just a sticky in the wardrobe section! I can't see enough threads to warrant an entire subforum...sorry JMHO!
  10. Yeah. A sticky at the top of wardrobe sounds good. If it get big enough it could always be expanded.
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