Plea for the Chinese government-PLEASE ACT

  1. done & sent to everyone in my address book (about 200 people) c'mon people! lets do what we can to stop this appalling cruelty.

    Well done Nola!
  2. Thank you for sending it, excellent!:yahoo:
  3. also asked everyone of them to send it to all their address books & it must have worked a little bit cos I've just had two sent back to me!:biggrin:
  4. Nola, many thanks for posting the link.
  5. Have sent it around my address book too! Great link Nola:flowers:

    More needs to be done!!!:yes:
  6. Excellent you guys:yahoo:! Hopefully everyone else writes it too!
  7. I'm on top of things, I did that a few days ago! Thanks for the post!
  8. I don't mean to be cynical, but do you know what the Chinese government does to its own people? The government does give a flying fig about their own people, let alone animals. They're one of the worst human rights violators in the world. I don't know what PETA thinks an online petition is going to do.
  9. Done, thanks for posting that.
  10. Done and done. Let's hope the people I sent it to do the same thing.
  11. The HUMAN rights abuses are horrid , like Jillybean said . I'm sorry but this will accomplush nothing . maybe when they stop forcing women to have abortions after one child , or going into villages where it's not inforced and killing "extra" children off right in front of their families, maybe then you can talk about animal rights ?
  12. Wait, what?? Killing extra children? Do you have a link to the article? Chinese government had never been great with human rights, they had made improvements in the past several years but with still a long way to go. I'm a bit surprised about the killing extra child part though. Generally they let the having extra kid thing slide in the country side because most farmers need extra help in the field and if it's found that people have extra kid without permission, they get fined ... but I've never heard about children getting killed ...

    I mean, I heard about barbaric practice of villagers drowning the female babies (on the countryside) because of that one-child rule and because a lot of them only wanted boys. But even that problem was being addressed and it was now illegal to do that.
  13. Aren't they killing the dogs to stop the spread of rabies as so many owners don't innoculate their dogs; and there has been cases of rabies killing human in recent months.
  14. Yeah, I believe that was why they were killing the dogs. They didn't have the money to innoculate all the dogs or fix them. HOWEVER, I disagree with how they were going about it though. There were news about how they would club someone's pet to death in front of the owner (i.e. owner walking dog and dog got clubbed). They should've at least inspected the dog and euthanized it if it was found with rabies. I guess my point is they could've done it differently ... Anyways, there're obviously many more underlying issues but it'll take an entire year to try to get into it all

    Done and sent too.:yes: