Plea for Help... searching for the perfect SA

  1. I have read the thread about the SAs who deserve our businesses, and after a ton of research. I discovered PAUL from Shorthills Boutique.

    i had such a GREAT experience with him... i bought my first chanel bag 10/31 with him, and have sworn to stay his loyal customers for years to come despite of the great perks you get with Saks and Neiman (no sales tax occasionally, EGC, points, etc.)

    but apparently... paul left??:crybaby:i read somewhere he is no longer at shorthlls boutique (is it true?)!!! what do i do now?

    if i had to choose, i think i will stick with an SA from Saks because of the diff. events and stuff, I like to stay loyal to one SA~

    who would you recommend?? where are they located. i prefer somewhere close to NJ, philly or nyc would be okay, but preferably philly or NJ because its a closer drive for me.
    please help.. because there are soooooooooooo much stuff i wanna buy after my ban:p
  2. i use naomi now at shm chanel...she is lovely and knowledegeable. i miss paul too, though.:sad:

    noone at nm shm since irina left.:shrugs:

    at Saks, i use damian ( bala cynwd, pa)....wonderful!:tup:
  3. I adore Damian at Bala Cynwyd. A lot of the girls here buy from him. He's the nicest SA. I don't buy a lot of Chanel, but he's always very quick to answer my e-mails anytime I have questions about a certain bag.
  4. Donna at Saks Bala Cnywyd is great. 610-667-1550.
  5. I'm voting for Damian too. HA totally american idol style!

    He is super sweet, quick to reply and he emails me regularly with bags, sales, info and song requests (I'm a dj-heeeheee)

    I actually have spoken to him alot over the past couple of days with the big sale coming up! Give him a call-he's at work today
  6. If you don't mind phone ordering, my SA from Saks has help other tPFers, so far all positive feed back, Brandi 210 341 4111. Good Luck!
  7. does anyone know where paul went?

  8. jeffrey in NYC.....
  9. I also use DOnna at SAKS IN PA...1-610-667-1550 ext 258..she is a DOLL!
  10. ^^ she is lovely, jill. when damian is not around, she has been so helpful.
  11. I also use JULIA at the SHort Hills CHANEL store
  12. I have a perfect one for sure. She's at the Wynn in Las Vegas and her name is Carrie. It's like shopping with my best friend. She's down to earth and is just one of the gals. No snootiness!!!

    Carrie (702) 765-5055, Wynn Las Vegas, Nevada.
  13. what kinda store is that? do they sell chanel?
  14. what saks is that?
  15. I just had yet another WONDERFUL experience with Naomi at Shorthills mall. She did me a HUGE favor because she said "Chanel really appreciates my business". That to me means so much! I'd highly recommend using Naomi. She has a great memory too. She remembered me when she was an LV SA way back.