discount code?

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  1. Anyone has discount code for get a pair of Tory Bourch flat there..please help! Thanks a lot
  2. anyone??
  3. I dont have a promocode but I ordered the Reva in Navy and they cancelled my order.

    "Thank you for shopping with Plaza Too. The item you selected was one of our big hits and is currently SOLD OUT in all sizes.


    And I was so excited to get them :crybaby:
  4. I don't think they do codes very often. Is there a particular item we can help you find somewhere else?
  5. I've never seen a code for either.
  6. I've gotten those sorry-we're-out-of-stock emails from Plaza Too more than once. And they "forgot" to process my online order once, too, and the shoes sold out before they finally did it. Uckg. Frustrating...