plaza too

  1. anyone know of discount codes? preferably one that works on sale items...
    im dying for loeffler randalls but cant bring myself to splurge!

    thanks all!
  2. From what I know, they don't issue coupon codes very often. They had a 20% coupon last winter around the Christmas and that's the last code I remember. I wish they had a new code. I would buy the RM matinee. :graucho:

  3. I would love a code too!
  4. I searched FOREVER for one last week - didn't find anything :sad: I ended up just ordering the shoes I wanted....
  5. In my experience, they are great with email communication. Why don't you try to email customer service to see if they'll extend a new customer discount (or something) to you. It's worth a shot.
  6. They rarely do codes. They have pretty good sales sometimes, but are really slow to update their site, so a lot of people get an email saying "out of stock".
  7. alot of the stuff on sale is not available when you wanna buy
  8. I tried calling customer service and getting them to extend the code on an order I tried to place that didnt go through with th code and they told me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, so no chance..She didnt budge at all. Sorry, dont waste your time.