Plaza Too Sample Sale in NY

  1. Has anyone done any damage at the Plaza Too sample sale yet? I heard one rave review...
  2. i'm going now
  3. I order online from them all the time so please report what you got!
  4. I went yesterday and there was a good selection of shoes. They had a lot of Kors, Anne Klein, Cynthia Rowley. There was some Kate Spade and a few Delman styles. Shoes were $50 or 2 for $80.
  5. i went yesterday after work and they had absolutely nothing...maybe someone here found something but no luck for me. I saw a pair of calvin klein open toe wedge thats really cute but not in my size..:tdown:
  6. Just got this update for tomorrow if anyone decides to go:

    final day

    all prices reduced

    all shoes now $30, any 2 for $40

    all boots now $50, any 2 for $80
  7. Dang, wish I could go! I bet they are probably out of my size..
  8. where is it? thanks
  9. 261 W 36th Street (between 7th & 8th Ave)
    2nd Floor