Plaza Too Sale: LAMB, HH, Rebecca Minkoff

  1. Not sure if this has been posted, but some great prices at Plaza too:

    L.A.M.B "CATANIA" $161

    L.A.M.B "CHATEAU" <!-- Check for Color -->Lipstick Saddle <!-- Check for Material -->Canvas $140<!-- Product Description --><!-- Check for Description -->

    Hayden-Harnett "LORCA TURNLOCK" <!-- Check for Color -->Grey <!-- Check for Material -->Leather $118
  2. Lorca is gone. That was fast :sad:
  3. OHH... i checkout the other items in the sale and got some great shoes!!
  4. Thank you so much! I bought a Tylie Malibu bag for my daughter's birthday for $139.00! She's going to love it (she's going to be 15 and she already has my love for handbags!)
  5. they have a lot of shoes too! They have a pair of Marc by MJ rain boots for ONLY $35.

    It never rains in GA enough for my to buy those.:s
  6. I love the grey turnlock, hope it gets taken before I cave in to the pressures of a beautiful bag.
  7. Other Tpfers are wayyyy ahead of you. :smile: I'd probably snatch it if it were still there.
  8. arent they usually that price? Thats what i saw at their boutique .... and some pairs are for $28 i believe... ?
  9. Lorca is gone :sad:
  10. WOWZA - if I wasn't on a ban boy, I'd be cleaning them out!!! What awesome deals - thanks for posting!!
  11. sweet, I nabbed a Lauren Merkin clutch.. free shipping too. been wanting one for a while, thanks!
  12. they cancelled my clutch order :sad: