Plaza Too Sale - additional 30% marked off sale

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  1. Good prices on TB Revas too :tup:
  2. I'll have to check out the store on the UWS today!
  3. Thanks so much.. I really wanted a bag there and now it is affordable!!! :yahoo:
  4. Thanks so much! Just snagged a Treesje and a Beirjn for next to nothing!!
  5. OMG!! Thanks for the post!! I can't believe I just did this. My DH told me he'd be home for lunch at about 10:45, and of all mornings I decided to sleep in. When getting up, I turned on the shower and hurriedly ran to check D&S to see if anything interesting had been posted. Upon seeing this sale, I quickly ordered the DC Sienna in black snake and the Frye Gail pump, but for some unexplained reason, my pc shut off. I quickly restarted it, checking my email for confirmation of my order. Finding none, I repeated the order. Well....I think you can guess what happened!!!!!!! NOW I have two identical orders and they're final sale items. OMG!!! That's what I get for ordering a bag that I don't need, and already have three of in different colors. I've left phone and email messages and hope they cancel one or the other or I've got a lot of explaining to do! This should teach me a lesson!
  6. All the TBs are sold out my size - always to late for these things! Thanks for sending though.
  7. this always happens to me as well :sad: I love the tb cranberry crocodile revas... but they never have my size (7.5 or 8) on sale :sad:

    Looking at all the colors on sale, it looks like the only have sizes: 6-7 and 9-10. :Push:
  8. Im usually a 6.5, but with TBs especially the crocs I was told to go a size up. Not sure if I like the cranberry ones or not...Im thinking about it, but not sure if the 6.5 will fit be given I hear those run small.
  9. You're welcome! Oh no, so sorry bags; I hope you can get one of them cancelled. I totally thought of you when I saw those DCs though. I love your avatar. They are gorgeous!
  10. This happened to me with them once two only I didn't get two confirmations so I thought I was fine. My bags arrived and I had a double order. I actually emailed Tom and he let me return the duplicates. I'm sure they are bombarded with stuff right now, but if you PM me if you want Tom's email address. (He's the owner)

  11. Is the 30% already on the sale price? I put something in my cart, but only the sale shows up, not an additional 30%?????
  12. Thanks so much lawgirl! I'm elated to now have quads!!! It probably sounds crazy to buy four of one bag style, however I have a habit of doing this when I find something I truly love!! Your post enabled me to complete my collection and for that I thank you!

    few823...I just heard from Plaza Too that one of my orders will be cancelled! Thanks again for your offer...I PM'd you!

  13. The markdown has already been taken and the prices reflect the 30% off.