Plaza Too Deals- Hurry

  1. Rebecca Minkoff Matinee- Mocha leather $369; Midnight leather $399.99
    Hayden Harnett Lorca in Grey- $169.99
    Free Shipping
    I'll do a full review later night- but this company is AMAZING AND WONDERFUL. Highly recommended!
  2. i ordered a bag and two pairs of shoes, and this morning i got an email saying everything i ordered was "totally sold out" - even though they are all still showing up available on the website. annoying :sad:
  3. I had to call the NY stores and the customer service to get my order processed on the phone. I wanted her to tell me 100% if it was in stock or not befor I placed my order. That has happened to me before with them as well. Bloomingdales as well.
  4. Great prices........if they have them in stock. They are really bad about updating stock & have really bad CS. :tdown: Many ladies have been fortunate to get great deals from them but the two times I ordered, it got cancelled & emailed me about it 1 1/2 weeks after ordering.
  5. I've heard a LOT of complaints about orders not being filled because they're now "out of stock".
  6. Oh dear- I'm sorry to hear customer service complaints. I have had a beyond wonderful experience with them. They honored a sales coupon (20% off) two and half weeks after it expired, just because I asked. And, they shipped my bag so that I received it two days after ordering. They were simply wonderful to deal with.
  7. I found their customer service to be absolutely horrible. Every time I tried to call weekdays during business hours, I got an answering machine. Tried emailing many times before I got a response back. It really wasn't worth the hassle to shop there. I wouldn't do it again. Perhaps they've shaped up since? :lol:
  8. I have only placed one order with them, but the customer service was pretty good. It was annoying that they couldn't address issues over the weekend, but at least they let me know.