Playtime with my new pochettes....

  1. The last two weeks have been a bit of a 'pochette' obsession period for me. It's not over yet as I am still awaiting the delivery of yet another one. However, in the meantime, I did have a little playtime with my newcomers. Come and join me! Bring yours out to play too. Here are my new ones:

    First, my new La Rosee. Here I have to say a big thank you to 24F :heart: for so kindly 'enabling' this need to be satisfied....
    r1.jpg r4.jpg r3.jpg r2.jpg
  2. Next, Persona:
    p1.jpg p2.jpg p3.jpg
  3. Finally, Bolduc:
    b1.jpg b3.jpg b2.jpg
  4. Just beautiful Rose! Congrats on all the new purchases :p
  5. love them all, so pretty. these are great pics!
    but i have the softest spot for bolduc, and that colorway is beautiful. love how you're wearing it in that last pic best of all the shots! thank you for taking the time to model them all for us!!!!
  6. Beautiful, Rose!! I love all your pochettes, esp La Rosee!! That one is simply gorgeous!! Thank you for the great pics!! You are giving me some great ideas!! Me might have to get La Rosee!!
  7. You're welcome, Rose. =) Congratulations on acquiring the pochettes you've been wanting!
  8. that's lovely, given me a few ideas, love the persona - this is my favourite - so chic:
  9. beautiful rose...i love all of them...esp the bolduc...that blue is gorgeous! thanks for inspiring me and giving me ideas to wear my new pochette..i MUST get the ring for it ...
  10. Thank you ladies, I can always rely on you guys to make me feel good about myself....needed that today!
  11. How did you tie the bolduc in the last pose? I've got on the zebra pochette right now. Let's see if I can get a photo of it...
  12. My favorite as well! They are all lovely on you, Rose!
  13. Yes, I am thinking dark blue and white rings are needed for my colletion....

    then, a yellow pochette is on its way, so a yellow ring too.....
  14. They are both really beautiful, but that first is just stunning on you- the colors, wow!
  15. Here are some instructions from Joanna and serenity:
    Joanna inst.jpg SS.jpg