PlayStation Portable pouch

  1. Do u think its worth gettin the PSP pouch from LV? Has anyone ever puchase one for dh/bf's PSP or their own PSP from LV store? Cos strangely, the SA at all the LV stores here looked puzzled whenever I asked for the PAP pouch. It pisses me so much havin to ask a few times and always ended up with no one knows if LV have such item.:sad:

    I saw it on LV website & eluxury. What a waste I cant ship item from eluxury to Sg. :rant:
  2. *PAP* pouch - Sorry, I mean PSP. Hehehhe
  3. they have one?!?!?!?! my bf has been looking for one! did they come out just recently?
  4. ok its on the vuitton website...elux is sold out!!!

    anyone know anything about this??
  5. when I called Lv and asked about the PSP pouch they where like WTF is an PSP.... I try to explain to here what it was but she didn't get it until some body in the background said something to here and she was like ok yeah I can order one for you.
  6. It's kind of pricey, considering it's really just clutch sized. Personally, I'd just buy another PSP if it got scratched up without a case. :biggrin:
  7. I agree .. my SA said she could order one in for me too but I would rather purchase another psp (I want a white one too:nuts: )
  8. I know when I asked for the price I was a bit like: ok, you are shure about the price.... I still have orderd it becouse I like LV so much and I don't have anything from the monogram canvas line. I hope they will get it in before I will go on holiday:Push:
  9. I don't have a PSP.. yet ! I want it for just one game and I just can't justify it.

    Then again, I REALLY want a DS lite for just that stupid brain game, and I'm the verge of running out and buying it ! :graucho:
  10. Wow - you love your PSP !

    I hope you get it too, so you can share pictures ! ;)
  11. It's a cute buy if ever. But the PS3 is coming out. Maybe buy him that as well? hehe
  12. elux isn't sold out.. they just never carried the psp case cuz it's not a popular enough item to bother stocking it on the site.

    the global boutiques usually have them.. it's not that big a deal. looks just like the glasses pouch they also have with the koala button nose. smaller boutiques or ones that are not global (global meaning they carry everything from leather goods, luggage, large jewelry section, shoes, clothing, and sunglasses) may not carry all items and therefore they might not know what the heck you're talking about.

    the psp case is also in the new le catalogue. =]

    i think it's an eh buy.. kinda like if you have money to burn then go for it.
  13. Hey guys... thanks for sharing!

    I agree that buying another PSP is a better choice. I thot my white PSP (gift from DH) wld go nicely with the PSP pouch from LV. I'm gettin the pouch myself. :P

    Anyway.. I'll consider your advices and give it a thot. :winkiss:
  14. Ditto on both accounts. Although I think I've played Lumines on my PSP more hours than I can remember. :shame:

    The DS lite is great and I love its small size.
    Brain game?
    I've been playing Nintendogs and Animal Crossing on it. I love Nintendo and its cutesy games. :love:
  15. Oh what's Lumines ? I've never heard of it ! I want to play Me and My Katamari, it's so nerdy but I love it !

    And this is the brain game -


    It supposedly trains your brain so that you're always at the best brain age, so it's not just a game - it's also exercise for the brain !

    I so know what you mean by the cute Nintendo games !! I want to buy the new Nintendo system just so I can play any upcoming Pikmin games ! I :heart::heart::heart::heart: Pikmin ! :love: